The main business activity of the company is treatment, processing and packaging of meat products and cheeses.

The business plan, at the beginning of the nineties, was built on the right assumption that the sale of food in the commodity of meat products and cheeses would evolve in a way that had been already common in developed countries, i.e. that culture and rationalization of sale must be increased from that time only over-the-counter sale to sale of packaged and also carved products. This way of carving and packaging of goods represented, besides rise in cultural level and economy of sale, considerable improvement in hygiene of selling, further product lifetime extension and customer's real opportunity to choose and check goods visually. This method of selling of this product range, today completely normal and inherent in retailing, accelerated over next years with arrival and development of supermarkets and retail chains, confirmed correctness of our then choice and meant mainly that our company captured this trend in the very beginning.

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The production is carried out in our own premises which the company built in Rosice u Brna in 1991. The activity is carried out as a specialized packing plant with buying of excellent and standard raw materials from primary producers. Meat products and cheeses are both vacuum packed and mainly packaged in a protective atmosphere. Currently 61 kinds of products is processed into a packing. This product range is packed solely in retail packaging in versions:

- piece meat products   10 kinds
- sliced meat products   45 kinds
- sliced hard cheeses     6 kinds

Moreover, the company deals with slicing and packaging from supplied raw materials for third parties, manufacturers without their own packing equipment.

Sale of the company's output is carried out throughout the republic, focusing on large foreign retail chains dealing with sale of a wide range of food products. Besides focusing on these customers, it is necessary for the company to sell in minor or individual sales entities, which is provided across the whole republic in the form of ambulatory selling.

Packaging is absolutely crucial production activity of the company. Marginally company carries out wholesale activities to use its purchasing and logistics capabilities.

In 2004 the legal form of the company was changed from a limited liability company into a joint stock company

MILPACK s.r.o.

Reinerova 1657/23
163 00 Praha 6 Řepy

Manufacturing plant:
Litostrovska 808
665 01 Rosice

tel. +420 724 259 301
tel. +420 530 334 051



The company B - UNIPACK, JSC was founded in 1991. At the end of that year, it started construction of a modern food processing plant specialized in treatment and packaging of meat products. After completion of production hall construction, it launched its own activity in February 1992.

Packaged smoked-meat products and cheeses