Product demonstrations

Sliced meat products

plátkované masné výrobkyplátkované masné výrobky

Wellness sliced meat products

wellness plátkované masné výrobky

Shaved - thinly sliced meat products

shaved - tence plátkované masné výrobky

Piece meat products

kusové masné výrobky

Sliced cheeses

plátkované sýry

B - UNIPACK, a.s.

Krenova 40
659 98 Brno

Manufacturing plant:
Litostrovska 808
665 01 Rosice

tel. +420 724 259 301
tel. +420 546 411 150 (62)
fax +420 546 411 090


The company B - UNIPACK, JSC was founded in 1991. At the end of that year, it started construction of a modern food processing plant specialized in treatment and packaging of meat products. After completion of production hall construction, it launched its own activity in February 1992.

Packaged smoked-meat products and cheeses